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Instruction Booklet Translation

Translation of all 56 pages of the manual/instruction booklet and explanations of their content.


Translation Elaboration Top half of "Secret Legend" Bottom half of "Secret Legend"

Page 1 - Copyright

Translation Elaboration Logo on front cover. TUNIC - Secret Legend Makers of TUNIC...

Page 2 - Table of Contents


The Story

Page 9 - Data Management


Page 10 - Beginning your Adventure


Page 11 - The Game Screen



Page 16 - Stamina

Translation With vigor:Use vigor to roll. You are safe for a tiny moment.  Found the shield...

Page 17 - Items

Translation SWORD: Is this the hero's blade? Or a forgery? STICK: Just a stick! SHIELD: Le...

Page 18 - Increasing Your Power

Translation If you seek to increase your power...Risk an offering to the Heir. [coin] The p...

Page 19 - Death

TOP LEFT BOXBad news! The Ruin Seeker has run out of HEALTH-POINTS!But wait!? A strange being...

Page 20 - Cards

TOP LEFT BOX CYAN PERIL RINGRaises DEF when you are in PERIL. INVERTED ASHQuaffed* potions ...

Hints and Clues


Page 26 - Survival Tips

Keep an eye on your bars! Your will to go on.  Improve potions with ash ( ) to gain more H...

Page 27 - West Garden

Fairy Fairies Below boss box:to the west of the great palace are the gardens.  Many paths ar...

Page 28 - Overworld

Ringing the west bellCan you see the bell, but not reach it?  Try going to the west garden vi...

Under the Well

Eastern Vault

Ruined Atoll

Frog's Domain

Page 38 - Quarry

MonasteryOnce a place of worship for the gods thought to live beneath the earth, it was aband...

Page 39 - Swamp

FleemersEquipped in various ways.  The flesh may be stripped away but the will to fight is st...

Page 40 - Cathedral

The CathedralThe seat of power for the first heir. 1. The sound of chanting in the air. 2...

The Far Shore

Hidden Secrets

Memo Pages

Back Cover

Upper LeftLies a special place LeftPlundered for its blade Bottom LeftOn an ancient tomb B...