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Page 21


Stumpt? Here are some clues fore you! Try to help your friends if you can.

Left Column

I entered THE TEMPLE but it was empty. what now? 
Here is where a ruin seeker would place 3 Keys.

Where are the keys?
you can't find any without prayer ... try tomb. p24

How do I get to THE RUINED ATOLL?
traverse the far shore with teleporter and prayer.

What is the secret of the Golden Path?
Look to the stars, and to P.49.

Right Column

Thought Bubble: I'm Stuck!

The CHECK-POINT says <DEAD> !?
It must see to the core.  Look for a nearby tomb. pg24

OLD BURYING GROUND is to hard! why?
it is a place of despair.  Only ghosts may enter.