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Page 17 - Items



SWORD: Is this the hero's blade? Or a forgery?

STICK: Just a stick!

SHIELD: Left by a RUDELING. Use to deflect blows.

ice BOMB: Unstable powder made from the fairy of the West Garden.

bang BOMB: Made from slorm, the pudding that goes boom.

fire BOMB: Fire fire everywhere, and ow ow ow ow ow.

KEYS: You need a key to open one of the rare old doors. The key disappears...

FRUITS: Eat fruits to restore HP or MP. They are gone forever, so snack sparingly.

HOT PEPPER / IVY: One is spicy, one is minty. Gives a boost to ATT or SP.

EFFIGY: Betray for coins. Each betrayal is sweeter than the last.

LURE: Doll of the beloved hero. Foes will be tricked!

GOLDEN COIN: A special treasure that allows a wish. Use at well to give to wish eater. -->[box] Cards are ways to be nspired to unusual greatness. (p20->)

MAGIC ITEMS: Some items use the power of your soul. MAGIC-POINTS refill when you rest, but there is a finite number of souls in the world.

[box] Shows uses left. Even a drop of MP is enough.

Note: HOLY CROSS is more than a mere item!

MAGIC POTION: Life blood of the hero. Quaff to restore your will to go on. Mysteriously refills whenever you touch a CHECK-POINT.

[potion fragment]: Find some and you get a free flask!

[ash envelope]: Offer up ash to make your magic potions more potent! It is said the ash of heroes fortifies the blood.