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Page 26 - Survival Tips


Keep an eye on your bars!

  • Your will to go on.  Improve potions with ash ( ) to gain more HP per sip.
  • If its flashing, your out of breath.  Remember, you take extra damage! p16
  • The power of your soul. Using magic items consumes it.  Some foes leave their souls.

Tired All the time?

  • You can run!  your stamina-points refill, even when running so you can enter fights strongly.  Rolling everywhere will exhaust you!

Try on cards

  • Have you discovered how to use cards?  Be sure to make wishes if you have coins. p20

Use Your Items

  • Today is the rainy day, so don't hold valuable tools.  Rewards await those who use liberally.

Use Special Techniques

  •  Roll and sword at the same time to perform a fast stab.  Note: It uses stamina-points

Check the map

  • Someone has made maps for you!  There are secrets hidden on them, so look carefully...
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