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For now, this article only contains info lifted directly from the manual, there is no additional information yet. You can help the wiki by expanding this article.

  • Rudeling - Ghost of a soldier who has forgotten why they fight. Follows orders but has no soul.
  • Spyrite & Sappharach - Don’t be fooled! The mark on their back is a trick.
  • Slorm - A type of slime who just wants to be close to you. Stun it by blocking.
  • Autobolt - It wants to protect something, but what? Circle around and use the shield.
  • Chompignon - Always hungry. It runs fast but can’t turn very quickly. Dangerous as a family! (Are later found corrupted)
  • Fairies - Curious pieces of the wall that have come to life. They seem intent on stopping you.
  • Custodians - Caretakers of the vault who have learned some magic. Candles can be put out.
  • Husher - A friendly bird that loves to eat slorms.
  • Crabbo/Crabbit - Crabbo has a hard shell, but crabbit has pals.
  • Envoy - More questions than answers
  • Frogs - VARIANTS, names are unofficial      
             Trainee - Still in training. They take turns attacking.
             Warrior - Grownups have hooks on their tongues.
             Spearman - Well equipped. Always tries to attack 3 times.
  • Baby slorm - A baby slorm who cannot spin yet, but is still useful.
  • Fleemers - Equipped in various ways. The flesh may be stripped away but the will to fight is strong.
  • Phrend - A disquiet fragment who lives in a skull and wants to taste everything.
  • Lost echo - An Echo-of-Self from a past ruin seeker whose owner gave up. Watch and listen closely, and release it from its agony.