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Ice Rod/Bomb Skip


When entities in the world are frozen either via the Magic Dagger, Ice Bomb, or Ice Rod (Fire Rod + Magic Dagger); the Magic Orb can be used to pull yourself to the enemy similar to how you can use the Magic Orb to pull yourself to hooks and tongs (broken sentry's). This skip takes advantage of this mechanic as it will allow you to pull yourself through walls and various objects to clip through the world as well as lower/higher elevations.

How To

  1. This skip is done by first obtaining the Fire Rod (if the enemy is at a distance), Magic Dagger (or Ice Bomb), and the Magic Orb.
  2. Get an enemy in-game into a position you want to pull yourself to.
  3. Lock on to the enemy.
  4. Activate your assigned keys for the Fire Rod + Magic Dagger (if at a distance), or use your Magic Dagger (or Ice Bomb if within reach).
  5. This will then freeze the target.
  6. While locked on to the target, activate the Magic Orb to pull yourself to it.
  7. Repeat a few times until you pull the target to the location you want.
  8. Then use the Magic Orb once more before the target unfreezes to pull yourself to the location they are at.

Locations of Interest for Skip

Temple Skip provided by Kein#1771

Cathedral Skip by Kein#1771

Obtaining the Shotgun early, provided by Oddbod

Cathedral Platform Skip provided by Oddbod

West Garden Skip provided by Oddbod