Unknown Secrets Secrets that don't fit into any particular category. Press Kit Puzzle It’s a code unlocking BIG HEAD MODE. Code is: If you want to un-toggle it just enter the code again Glyph Tower Puzzle Intro This page will include resources and content used to solve the Glyph Puzzle at the end of TUNIC after collecting all 12 secret treasures. This page will try to be organized in a cohesive manner. Resources Page 54 "For Additional Support & Secrets" section is what brings you to the room. Angrevol 's Spreadsheet: Link to Google Doc Spreadsheet Techraptor's Guides for TUNIC by Andrew Stretch: https://techraptor.net/gaming/guides/tunic-guides-guide-hub https://book.tunic.wiki/ What has been found Page 54 "For Additional Support & Secrets" it states the following. Find some rare golden statues. Traverse the glow to visit 12 strange beings "Un-sing" to them the greatest song, the song of the golden path, as seen from within. To explain what step three of this secret is wanting. The greatest song is referring to the "Golden Path" otherwise known as the input used on your keyboard or d-pad to open The Door in the Mountains . Shorthand : uldluldlururulurdrululuruldluruulurdrdrurdldrurrdrurdrurrdldldrdrdlldrdldrurdrurrddluruldlululurrulu As seen from within states to look at the golden path from the other side of the page i.e. flip the paper. Finally, "un-sing" requests the code be inputted from the center out rather than the bottom in resulting in. Shorthand : dldrrdldldluldrdluurrdrurdrulurullururululurrdrurdrurrdrulurdrururdlddrdluldrdldldrurdldrdrdluldluld When inputted at the Glyph Tower, the runes present the following link. Link : https://doyoufeartheeyesofthefarshore.co/ [ Archive.org Link ] The website presents the following audio and video. a.mp3 v.mp4 Far Shore Site Code
.fullscreen-bg { position: fixed; top: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; overflow: hidden; z-index: -100; } .fullscreen-bg__video { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } @media (min-aspect-ratio: 16/9) { .fullscreen-bg__video { height: 500%; top: -200%; } /* .txt { width:40%; }*/ } @media (max-aspect-ratio: 16/9) { .fullscreen-bg__video { width: 500%; left: -200%; } /* .txt { width: 40%; } */ } @media (max-width: 767px) { .fullscreen-bg { /* background: url("ff.png") center center / cover repeat; */ } .fullscreen-bg__video { display: none; } } video::-webkit-media-controls { display: none !important; } *::-webkit-media-controls-start-playback-button { display: none!important; -webkit-appearance: none; } When the audio from the https://doyoufeartheeyesofthefarshore.co/a.mp3 is viewed through a spectrogram, it presents the following in the 10Hz to 500Hz range: When translated, this states: "we are the(e) eyes of the far shore". The next mystery may lie within the chords of the audio (the black lines below) (10Hz - 240Hz), but not much is known past this. NOTE - Much of this discussion has moved to this spreadsheet to translate the chords above! Spectrogram Secrets Intro This page contains all known spectrogram secrets in TUNIC. a.mp3 from doyoufeartheeyesofthefarshore.co Translates to "we are the(e) eyes of the far shore". Dark Passage behind the Old House Maze Soldier Room Shop - Bought Item Translates to "Buy" Shop - When free page of instruction booklet is offered Translates to "Free" Shop - Prompt "Ok" Translates to "Kay" Shop - Prompt "No" Translates to "No" Devworld A seemingly unfinished version of the game, accessible from the savefile used to get the page 9 golden path. To reach it, you need to die in this savefile. The way to do this is to input the code in the manual for a firebomb, hurt ourselves with it, then do nothing until you die. Once done, you respawn in a brand new area full of unfinished enemies and level geometry. Devworld Map Triumvirate Mural There is also a large mural at the top of of the initial area, in front of a small pool. The mural reads above "EXPLORE", below "TRIUMVIRATE" and in the hexes (clockwise from top) "REASON", "GRACE" and "POWER". Enemies A few enemies or entities that don't appear in the rest of the game appear here. These enemies are in various states of completion. Some are fully targetable, have behavioral programming, and have idle animations while others seem to be only motionless models. The Devworld also features enemies that do appear in the overworld on a normal save file. Enemy Animation? Behavior? Collision? Takes/Receives Damage? Appears in Regular Game? YES YES YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO YES YES YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO YES NO NO NO NO YES NO NO NO NO YES YES YES YES NO YES YES YES YES NO Blank Manual Page There is a manual page on a small island which, when picked up, appears to be at index -1 of the manual. There is no content (as in, the view appears to be fully transparent), and flipping the page forwards ends up with the manual at the first page of the unfinished manual, with no way to refer to back to the original page. Picking this page up does not increase the page count of the save file. Getting Out Of Bounds The collision and bounds in this world are much less polished than in the game, and as a result there are at least a few methods of getting out of bounds and walking on the water. One is to find the pink cube entity and attempt to push it up the stairs, after which it will teleport down the stairs, and walking into it will push the player back in unusual ways, potentially allowing you to get out of bounds. This allows the player to walk on water, although the ramifications of this have not yet been fully explored. Back Cover Code 1. Sleep in the old house until nightfall. 2. Come to the eastern forest to the grave of the hero, where we received the sword. 3. Enter the code translated from the back cover: up down up down left right left right up down left right