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Category Rules

Complete the game as quickly as possible through any means.

To be considered 100% before ending:

  • Collect all stat upgrade items and upgrade your stats to at least that amount:
    • All stat upgrade items: 4 / 4 / 3 / 6 / 2 / 3 for atk/def/pot/hp/mp/sp, respectively
    • Stat upgrade levels: at least 5 / 5 / 4 / 7 / 3 / 4 for atk/def/pot/hp/mp/sp, respectively
  • Unlock all non-consumable items:
    • Equipables: Stick, Sword, Ice Dagger, Fire Wand, Magic Orb, Gun, Hourglass
    • Passives: Shield, Lantern, Hyperdash
  • Unlock all 5 card slots
  • Unlock all 16 cards (including mask)
  • Unlock all 9 potion slots
  • Unlock the full manual (28 pages)
  • Collect all 12 gold statues

Run must comply with the Game Rules as well to be valid.

Rough locations of all Cards:

  • Orange Peril Ring: Upper Dark Tomb, on top of the moving sarcophagus.
  • Cyan Peril Ring: Outer ledge by West Garden hero's grave.
  • Inverted Ash: Overworld, behind Envoy near entrance to Quarry.
  • Anklet: Fortress Reliquary, behind Eastern Vault hero's grave.
  • Perfume: South Swamp, at the top of the ladder past the wooden gate.
  • Tincture: Ruined Atoll, behind the Envoy near the north-west fuse.
  • Bracer: Ruined Atoll, behind the destroyed Admin near the north-east fuse.
  • Lucky Cup: Overworld, west of the fountain area, by the south passage from the furnace room.
  • Muffling Bell: Behind a waterfall in Beneath The Eastern Vault, guarded by 8,196 spiders.
  • Louder Echo: In a hidden room on the west side of the far hallway in Beneath the Well.
  • Scavenger's Mask: In a chest by the hero's grave in the Monastery.
  • Dagger Strap: South side of the Swamp, in front of the fence.
  • Magic Echo: Ruined Atoll, the chest on top of the building by the shortcut doors.
  • Glass Cannon (fire sword): Inside the Overworld filigree room by the entrance to the Swamp.
  • Aura's Gem: Upper quarry, around the bend from the Monastery guarded by a sniper.
  • Bone Card: Ruined Atoll, behind a bombable wall marked by a triangle of white flowers next to the north-west fuse.