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Any% Guide

(This guide is somewhat outdated, please refer to for most up-to-date guides and resources)

You can find a Google doc of this route here:

Category Rules

Run must comply with the Game Rules as well to be valid.

About this Guide

The cardinal directions I use here refer to the map directions:
North is up and left
East is up and right
South is down and right
West is down and left

It is suggested that you watch a video while following this route guide to understand specifics. I used the WR (by TGH) as of today's date:

The names of each header are the split names used in this video, and are presented with timestamps to easily find reference.

Useful Tips and Specific Tricks

You can find useful things like the spells and specific skips here:

The Route

[Magic Orb]

Begin by running straight north. While you are making this run, input the codes for dynamite (It is the shape of a cross: DRU RUL ULD LDR) and fire bombs. (It is the shape of a W: LURD RURD RURD L)

After the second set of steps (there is a wooden sign to the right of them) go left. Equip both types of bomb, and throw a regular bomb at the bushes. head around the corner past the steps, and across the bridge towards the well. There is a chest hidden in the corner here with two more dynamite. As you finish opening this chest, throw a firebomb and quickly roll away and around the hill. Stay close to the hill to not aggro the sword enemies, and run to the platform once you get to the bushes. Activate it without picking up the page.

Head to the bottom left teleporter, and save at the shrine.

Head west, then south, then cross over the central pillar to the east side. Head north across the pipe, then east. Head up the ramp and keep going north until you find the ladders. Climb up and into the Frog's Domain.

Head straight down both sets of ladders, and just follow the path down. Once down all of the ladders, head right, past the shrine (don't activate it) through the door. Throw a bomb off the second window in the balcony. This will aggro the frogs on the lower level. Head to the top corner of the balcony and hold walk towards the centre. A frog will grab you. Immediately roll north and grab the magic orb. Get killed. As you die, equip the orb.

[Dagger] <>

Once you are able to move, throw a bomb into your path and die again.

Head north to Overworld. Grab the chest on the way through, and equip the effigy. Continue north, and as you leave the bridge, head west and grapple up to the higher bridge in the west. Head up the steps to trigger the turret. Come back to the bottom of the steps and grapple the turret. As you nearly reach it, activate your effigy to fall. You should land on the higher ledge. Head west towards the West Garden, you should get shot once. (Exactly once.)

Simply follow the path west. Just after you cross over the fallen pillar that creates a bridge, input the door code (DRU LUR) and grab the sword from inside.

Continue west, then follow the larger bridge south. Ignore the croc, and make sure to roll as you reach the water to save a small amount of time. As you turn the corner, grapple the crock to send it to its watery doom. You can input the code for ice bombs here. (It is the shape of an M: LDRU RDRU RDRU L) Continue along the path north, equipping the ice bombs and sword as you go. (Bombs, Sword, Orb)

Up the stairs and down the other side, along the 3 sets of planks, and around the water fountain. When you are under the bridge, throw an ice bomb to the north so that it lands underneath the sword enemy. Once frozen you can grapple it. Head north to the chest and grab the four sticks of dynamite. Get shot by the fairie. You should end up at 1hp.

Head south, then east across the bridge. Ignore the enemies, run down the stairs and into the hovel. Throw a bomb and pick up the dagger. Die.

[Ziggurat] <>

Head north back to Overworld. Run the same route as before up to the large set of steps.

This time we're continuing north instead of dropping down. Grapple the large guard to send it to its doom. As you get across the thin bridge, grapple the tuning fork above, then head east across the planks. Head into the gap in the mountain, then straight north into the dark room. Head straight north down the middle, then when you get close to the enemy, west to the wall, north around the spikes (which you obviously can't see) and back to centre. Head straight north and you're in the main room.

Two enemies will approach from the east. Continue north until you arrive in the lit up place in the centre. Head northeast (pretty much straight up). There is a switch that is just slightly to the left of directly above the chest. Roll directly southwest (down) and when you are near the chest, directly northwest (left). Hit the second switch, then roll down towards the wall. Walk, don't run, and guide the enemies towards the corner of the room. As you see the enemies attacking and the chest platform slides, roll twice towards the east. This will leave the enemies behind, and you can safely get to the stairs. Grab the Peril Ring card from the chest, then quit.

Immediately leave the cave, and head west and up the ladder. Use the orb to grapple up and grab the fire rod. Equip the rod dagger and dagger. (Rod, dagger, orb) Immediately grapple back down, and climb down the ladder until you are on the level just above the enemies.

While still on the north side of the gate and near the ledge, grapple one of the enemies so it falls below you on the north side of the gate. Freeze rod the enemy, then grapple onto it. Head north.

Grapple to the pillar and activate it. Continue north. Walk along the bridge, activating the pillar as you go. Equip the Peril Ring. Continue along the bridge. As you turn the corner and head north, grapple an enemy to the north so that it falls below you. Immediately freeze it and grapple it again so that you fall down. Run east and head through the large door into the Ziggurat. As soon as you are through, quit out.

[Blue Key] <>

Head north and get on the elevator.

Head south and follow the path. On the walkway:
Second left to the east.
First right to the south.
Across the platform. [Wait on here and kill the fairies, grab the magic they drop.
Continue south. [Stop at the bottom of the stairs and kill these fairies.]
South onto the walkway.
Right to the west then south. [Keep running!]
Get hit three total times.
Left exit left towards the east.
Equip dynamite and sword (Dynamite, sword, orb)
Head up the ladder into the fight.

Throw 3 dynamite (don’t spam them) and then jump over the laser grid attack. Finish with a single sword combo.
While it is switching phase, equip rod, dagger, and sword.
As soon as the new phase begins, freeze rod, then full combo. Do this three times to kill it.
Stay close as it dies, then as it explodes roll through and run to the stairs at the southwest, picking up the magic as you go.

Go anticlockwise around the pillar, then down the ladder.
Clockwise around the pillar twice, down the ladder.
Anti-clockwise until you reach the slope, then clockwise down the slope.
Walk into the pillar room and grab the Lure from the chest in this room. Quit.
Leave the room, then quit again.

As the game loads, hold focus. And walk downwards. Brush up against the right edge of the broken walkway as you look at it. (To the left side of the fox.) There is a spot just on the corner where walking and using your sword slash at the correct angle will clip you through the floor, skipping the elevator. Hold focus the entire time.

Equip the orb when you land, (rod, dagger, orb) head south. Open the chest and grab the five dynamite.

Make sure to run this whole next section.
Follow the path around to the crossroads, then head east past the turrets.
Follow the path east and around. Nothing should hit you if you run.
Just as the first turret on the second platform sees you, about a quarter of the way into the platform, perform a roll.
Head east to grab the MP berries from the chest, then west.

Run down the stairs past the shrine towards the pillar. Use the dagger on the one to the east (on the upper-right), then roll and dagger the other one. Activate the pillar. Walk to the north of the platform, then dodge south over the laser grid attack, run south across the pillar to collect the magic, and across the bridge which should appear as you get to it.

Head west on the wall, then down the large stairs. Head down the ladder, then east.towards the boss.

As you reach the top of the stairs, use the fire rod to aggro the boss. You should be on the wrong side of the bridge that disappears. The boss will start with a lunge, and then will run directly towards you.Once it is at the bottom, freeze rod it. Turn around, and use the orb twice to get the correct position. Focus on the boss, then as it unfreezes, grapple it and send it to its doom. While it is below you, equip dynamite. (Dyanamite, dagger, orb) Grab the key, throw dynamite at the dead boss, and kill yourself.

[Library] <>

Half-way there!

[THIS BIT IS NOT IN THE VIDEO] This next bit is very fast. Head west down the first set of stairs, and onto the wall. Focus should let you target the frog and then fire rod it. Head into the corner, then freeze rod the frog and grapple up.

[THIS IS THE VERSION IN THE VIDEO] If you miss the timing on this and don’t get to aggro the frog, go down the stairs and there is a secret path if you hug the stairs that leads north behind the wall. Fire rod the frog from down here, then freeze-grapple your way up in the same way.

Head to the back side of the pillar and activate it. Head south and grapple onto the hook, then onto the next hook to head to the beach. Head south across the bridge and across the three plank bridges.

When you reach the tall hill, head to the north side of it. Freeze grapple the bird on the top, activate the pillar. Once the pillar is fully in the ground, quit.

Head east, and go onto the edge of the broken steps. Keep tapping focus until you latch onto a crap, then shoot it to aggro the rest. Once one gets near the pipe, freeze grapple it.

[THIS BIT IS NOT IN THE VIDEO] Grapple up to the hook on the walkway and walk north to the lighter coloured area. Walk west and slightly south. Your controller input should be very slightly below bottom left (just barely). You will slide off the edge. This saves a small amount of time, but also keeps the crabs further away from you.

[THIS IS THE VERSION IN THE VIDEO] Simply run up the hill, but be quick.

Run to the far side of the pillar from where you come from and activate the pillar. You can grapple the hook and do the sliding off the edge trick again here, or simply run down.

Either way, head towards the south, across the pipe, south some more and grapple across the broken wall. South past the red crab. Get hit twice to put you at 1hp. South some more, then east across the bridge, up the ladder. Head north, up the other ladder, activate the pillar. While waiting for it to trigger, equip the lure. (Dynamite, Lure, Orb.) Quit.

Run to the centre and activate the entrance to the library. Use the grapple to make your way around into the Library. Down the ladder, and head directly left to the far stairs. Up the stairs, up the ladder, anti-clockwise around and up the next ladder.

Grapple up, head up the ladder outside to fight the librarian. As you reach the top of the final (small) ladder, turn back around. Hold focus, take two steps back, then use the Lure. Climb down both ladders. You need to stop before the transition, then you can start climbing back up. This should kill the librarian. Stand away from the library to its side. As the key appears, throw a dynamite, grab the key, then die.

While dying; equip the rod and sword. (rod, sword, orb.) [TGH incorrectly equips the dagger here, then swaps it shortly.]

[Fortress] <>

Head straight north and activate the teleporter. Head to the east warp pad back to Overworld.

Run to the ladder, and towards the shrine. Activate it.

Head northeast and grapple the tuning fork. Activate the shortcut to the south. While activating it, equip the dagger. (rod, dagger, grapple) Once the lever has moved, you can quit.

Head east. Get hit twice by the small enemies on the way.

Grapple your way north, then head towards the drawbridge. Freeze grapple the enemy on the upper level, then run north into the fortress. 

[Red Key] <>

Run north. In the video TGH freeze grapples the enemy multiple times to get it through the door. If you are fast you can double fire wand then freeze grapple, but if you’re slow it will deflect your freeze blast, which loses a lot of time.

As you come through the door equip dynamite and sword. (Dynamite, sword, orb) Run north to the boss.

Head to the west side of the boss and there is a gap you can get into between its front and middle leg. Go through here and you can start attacking the core. This should trap you inside the boss and you can just hold focus and wail on it until it is dead.

Do a sick roll as the cutscene ends.

Grab the key, head south towards the keyhole. Activate it, then quit out immediately. Run back to the key, grab it, kill yourself. Equip rod, dagger, orb.

[Enter Heir] <>

Let’s go! Nearly there!

Head south towards the large steps and focus on the blue enemy. Grapple it towards you, then roll north a couple of times. Grapple it again. Repeat until the enemy is at the door. Push it towards the door by walking into it, letting it hit you 4 times, then freeze grapple your way through the door.

In the video TGH does a cutscene skip. This might be a frame perfect trick. Pause while the press A prompt is up. Press B, then two frames later press A. Do this for the two closest keys, then on the final key, throw a dynamite, then place the key. The dynamite will kill you, skipping the cutscene.

Head west, down the ladder. Walk southeast towards the hill and around the back of the enemies (just like at the beginning) and activate the warp pad. While warping equip rod, dagger, sword. Enter the centre warp pad.

[Choosing Violence] <>

Walk up to the Heir and activate the fight. Don’t dodge the attack, put yourself at 1hp.

As she gets up and starts to move towards you, freeze rod, then double sword swing. Repeat over and over. Once you are below 50% MP, switch the sword to a berry, use it, then switch back. As soon as the phase change ends, repeat it more. You should end with one berry remaining. (The final time you go below 50% you won’t need to berry.)



Category Rules

Complete the game as quickly as possible through any means.

To be considered 100% before ending:

Run must comply with the Game Rules as well to be valid.

Rough locations of all Cards: