Enemies & Bosses

A collection of info on the various foes that the player can encounter across the world of Tunic!


Structured as: Boss Name (Trunic Subtitle) - “Manual excerpt” Additional info on lore, appearance, moveset, location, etc.    
 -Useful Strategy

Guard Captain (Captain of the Guard) - Large rudeling with the ability to charge, guards the east belltower. Can be found later as a normal enemy.    
-A few bombs should be enough to dispose of them.


Garden Knight (A Sleeping Guardian, One of Many) - “Blocks the way to the belltower. Will kill you” Found guarding the west belltower, and as part of the Cathedral’s challenge. Shaped similar to the eyes of the far shore and stated to be a palace guard. It wields a large sword which doubles as a shotgun.      
-Make sure you have gotten at least a few upgrades, and acquired the magic dagger.


Siege Engine (The Last Functioning War Machine) - “One key to the Shadow Oubliette is guarded by the last great machine of war. When the siege was done, this beast was coaxed into this lonely purpose” Found in the Fortress of The Eastern Vault, drops the key to the vault of the Red Questagon. It is the largest enemy in the game, and has the ability to summon Fairies, launch homing bombs, and fire projectiles. Many of its sound effects can be interpreted as Tuneic.              
-Use the fire staff to dispose of fairies quickly, be as aggressive as possible.


The Librarian (The Thieving Scholar, Who Seeks the Cross but does not Understand) - “The Librarian has learned much, including powerful sorcery. He makes his home high above the clouds, waiting for foolish ruins seekers to bring him more pages” Found in the Library, drops the Green Questagon. He can use magic to summon other enemies and fire powerful projectiles, at night he can be found in the library where he shares some dialogue.
 -The magic orb forces him to get close to the player, you can abuse this to end the fight quickly.


The Scavenger Boss (The Queen of Those Who Pick the Bones of This Land) - “Will stop at nothing to obtain the Blue Questagon. She has long known that it is in the Rooted Ziggurat but has only now entered its depths. It  ,cost many lives, but any price would be acceptable” Found in the Rooted Ziggurat, blocks the way to the Blue Questagon. She wields a strange shield-like weapon, made from harvested parts, she uses it as a sword and to perform the administrators’ shockwave attack. She can also fire a shotgun and throw bombs, which can damage her if she gets too close.    
-One of the harder bosses in the game, you will need proficiency in TUNIC’s combat to defeat her. 


The Heir - Found trapped in the shadow oubliette for most of the game, then in an arena in the far shore after being freed. She is a previous ruin seeker and the game’s main antagonist. She wields a large glowing sword which can perform powerful magic attacks, and also be used to channel the miasma. She serves as the final boss of Tunic, though she can be skipped altogether by sharing your wisdom.  
-Well timed parries are the key to this battle, most of her attacks are reactable and parrying will leave her stunned long enough for 2 full sword combos. Use Aura’s Gem to make it a bit easier



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